KICKBACK Sunday WINNER – DJ Mr. Rogers Custom Beat giveaway


KICKBACK SUNDAY is an Open Mic for underground/indie artists held every Sunday at SF2 North. Although its very new and only 6 weeks strong, the response has been amazing. Artists from all over Houston come to showcase skills, pass CDs, promote themselves, network, or simply chill and hang out. We always have great sales and free drinks, so you never know who will show up! Last night the Kickback was blessed with a visit from DJ Mr. Rogers. He loved the atmosphere, and decided to give away a custom beat to whoever did the beat justice! This was serious! AND he will be giving a FREE CUSTOM BEAT away every Sunday!!! Pictured here with Mr. Rogers is the first winner, KAB Tha Don! In the words of Rogers himself “he was well deserved”. Follow these guys on Twitter @djmrrogers and @KABTHADON

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