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SF2 Employment Application

10 Responses to Join Our Crew

  1. Brian Mosley says:

    I love the store and the owner Teresa is awesome!

  2. Marina says:

    Hey saw u guys were are getting those two mac miller tickets on twitter! I really really want them, and i will buy them! i was trying to tell the guy that has them that i will buy(he said $30) them but he never replyed back n im hoping you will reply back cuz i really want them! I WILL PAY FOR THEM!

  3. DC says:

    just wanted to say i was on google and your site popped up when i searched a big sean shirt image. But im glad i found this site, bc im instantly in love with it!

  4. Rob Mil says:

    Im down as fuck. i need a step up in music. forreal.

  5. marlon thomas says:

    i wanna work for you Taresa!

  6. curley says:

    I love sf2. I need a job and this seems like the perfect place.

  7. marcos says:

    ive shopped there a couple of times,my friends/coworkers ask me where i get my stuff all the time.

  8. Teanna says:

    How can I join the team?

  9. I would like to apply for a job

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