RECAP: Bedrock City Comics presents The Fantastic UZOY

We heard a bit about this show here and there, you know the usual casual conversation or a bleep across our tweet radar screen. BUT…we had really been hearing about the feature artist, Uzoy, quite a bit throughtout the city, so the SF2 Media team in full decided to see what all the talk was about. With gas prices these days, we were looking to see something different and worth our time! We got to the Cellar Bar, and upon walking in saw about 4 DJs mixing some dope music and HUGE Uzoy posters on the wall behind them! This was an impressive display of support by Bedrock City Comics and even a merch table with free Uzoy posters, Bedrock tees etc. Anticipation was on high cause we waited a little bit for the show to start.
The show was super dope, and Uzoy was absolutely amazing.

The final bullet points 1) Bedrock City Comics – way to throw a dope event 2) Uzoy – you did the damn thing 3) Cellar Bar – more vodka in the pineapple splash please.

Photos were jacked from

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