Meet Machine Gun Kelly MGK at SF2 in Houston

We have teamed up with the fine folks at ROCKSMITH Tokyo once again to bring the best artists to the fans who love them!! MACHINE GUN KELLY aka MGK is ready to RAGE with his fans in Houston. There will be mixtapes on deck and our personal DJ, the one and only DJ MR ROGERS providing the sounds and of course Monster Energy will keep us pumped up!!! Of course its goin down at SF2 Southwest 7204 Southwest Freeway 77074 (713)995=4458

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1 Response to Meet Machine Gun Kelly MGK at SF2 in Houston

  1. btrush says:

    mgk i wish u lived next to me cause u are the king of every hey actuly i realy wish i had u over at my house to hang out u know cause my brother says your’e video’s are so f***in awsome…o god my ear makes my head feel like my brain came out so yeah im thinkin the same about the same you are pretty much better then some other rappers idk if i spelt that right or not so wrappers out there this word sounds better with a w in it …… have a good king halloween night

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