KICKBACK SUNDAYS Week#4 – Winner to open for Curren$y

This past Sunday, week #4 of KBS, was probably the craziest Kickback Sundays yet! An opening performance spot for The Jet Life Tour starring Currensy this Thursday at Warehouse Live was the prize and after 3 weeks of show & prove, the final face off came down to 2 artists. What ended up happening, surprised us as well.

The criteria were 1) stage presence 2) crowd participation 3) image 4) content
We had various DJs, media personalities, promoters and producers who had given their opinions each week to who stood out based on the criteria. And then there were 2 artists left standing!
The artists were CITY and LUKE DUKE.
First up was a newcomer to Kickback Sundays, LUKE DUKE aka Who The Fuck Is That WHITEBOY?! He gave a brief speech about random things like the path to success and how he represented Texas, called the crowd to move in and got straight to it! Honestly, he was outstanding! When he performed “Marty McFly” the crowd felt it. He and his crew were all decked out in shirts with his “Who The Fuck Is ThatWHITEBOY?!” slogan and it was loud.
Next up was CITY, a Kickback Sunday veteran and no stranger to performing. CITY hit the stage and commanded the audience from the jump. He spoke to them and it was agreed that when he would hold up the mic, the crowd was to shout “Fuck that!!” So, the DJ dropped the track and he went to work. CITY was all over the stage, interacting with the crowd and when he held the mic up in the air, it was as if an explosion went off with “Fuck that!!”
Now the time had come to pick a winner. The crowd was going to decide and what happened next, was so unexpected and amazing at the same time. The host, Doughbeezy, asked for the crowd to cheer who they thought was the winner when he announced that artist’s name and to only cheer once. The crowd was waiting, Doughbeezy held his hand up towards LUKE DUKE and a deafening roar came from the crowd. Next, the crowd was asked for their cheers for CITY, another deafening roar came from the crowd. It was hard to tell. This happened at least 3 more times before it was realized, that something else needed to be done. Apparently there is an app that measures sound on a cell phone, so we tried it. NOTE: Those apps DO NOT WORK.
The fans for LUKE DUKE screamed out “Luke Duke” the fans for CITY replied with “Fuck that!!” It was obvious, that this could go on forever. Tensions started to rise and we had to take a mini huddle to decide what to do. We asked Mike Meegz of Scoremore (The promotions company presenting the Currensy show) to decide, he couldn’t! It was too close. Some people had suggested we did a cypher or have the 2 artists battle it out. BUT this was for a performance not a battle! It was then agreed there would be a coin toss, and the winner would get the performance slot for Currensy and the runner-up would get an opening performance slot for Devin The Dude at The House Of Blues on May 12th. WHAT!!!!! This was amazing!! This would mean that both artists are winners! Both are huge shows at huge venues!!
Doughbeezy commented that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and that these guys would remember this for the rest of their lives. That last year at Kickback there was a lot, but this was only week #4 and look what was happening! He asked the 2 artists if there was a preference since there would really be no loser. LUKE DUKE replied “I want the show with the biggest venue” and of course CITY wanted the same! Here we go!
The coin toss was about to go down! CITY said to Luke Duke “you pick” and Luke Duke replied “tails never fails” and the coin was tossed. About 10 people, including myself kneeled down on the stage, and what has to be the record for the longest spin that a coin has even taken in the history of a coin toss occurred! Finally it stops and CITY said ‘HEADS!!!” The crowd went nuts!!!
CITY had won!!! A bunch of screams, hugs, cheers, every emotion you could imagine was happening at this moment. It was a beautiful thing! Luke Duke was the first to extend his hand to CITY with well wishes. And CITY did the same, since LUKE DUKE had just won the performance spot to open for Devin The Dude at The House Of Blues. Both guys congratulated each other and were immediately bombarded with media and fans for pictures!!
Later on, we caught up with both artists outside the club talking and got them to pose for a picture holding up our KICKBACK SUNDAYS t-shirts, which by the way are earned and NOT given away or sold!
Like we say at KICKBACK SUNDAYS, its #REAL RESULTS. To my knowledge, I am not aware of any other program that offers so much to the underground (unknown) artist. Follow these guys on twitter @citychronicles and @LUKE_DUKE409 , and of course follow @iamSF2 @KICKBACKSUNDAYS @Wescoremore
Photo taken by Leon Prevost
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