Houston, TX – BlackCelebrityGiving.com (BCG) and Trill Rap Artist/Professor Bun B are very pleased to announce the 2012 fall cause campaign: “The Sole Drive”, a worldwide shoe drive to provide shoes for free, for those who are most in need. The objective is to raise 20,000 pairs of shoes, to be donated to 20 select organizations around the world for distribution to those suffering from poverty and financial hardships worldwide. To date, there are 2.2 billion children in the world; 1 billion of those children are living in poverty, not to mention the countless parents, women and men who suffer from poverty as well.

BCG is very thrilled to partner up with Rap Artist and Professor (at Rice University in Houston, Texas) Bun B of the Grammy nominated Legendary rap group, UGK. Bun B has a passion for shoes, like most of us, and is very in tuned with the struggle and is honored to have the opportunity to team up with BCG moving forward. Powered by SnoBall.com; the campaign is also supported by DJ Mars, who’s the official event and campaign DJ. Quote from Bun B aka Bernard Freeman below:

“As much as I love shoes, it doesn’t hold a candle to the love I have for the people of this world, especially those who can’t necessarily help themselves. Partnering with Sole Drive makes nothing but good sense to me. I’m proud to be a part of this movement.” – Bun B
SF2, Houston’s hottest shoe and ‘flyest’ apparel retail store, will be major drop off locations, having 2 locations on both South and North side of Houston (addresses below) and all the donations will go to homeless shelter Star of Hope Mission; located at 1811 Ruiz Street, Houston, TX 77002. For other homeless shelters and programs that are interested in becoming beneficiaries of the ‘Sole Drive’ are encouraged to send item request to Jasmine Crowe at jasmine@blackcelebritygiving.com or Stacy P at stacy.pr@gmail.com, if located in Houston, Texas.
Houston, TX 77067
7204 SW Freeway
Houston, TX 77074
Throughout the fall season, BCG will host several Twitter chats and forums on the “Sole Drive” to bring further awareness to the cause. So go through your closets at your house, collect new or gently used shoes that you do not need or wear and mail your donation/care package to: BCG, 5025 N. Central Ave Suite 271, Phoenix, AZ 85012—C/O The ‘Sole Drive’. **If you send more than 10 pairs of shoes, BCG will pay for your shipping cost!**
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