Flat Fitty x SF2 x Kickback Sundays DJ exhibition and cypher ALL STAR weekend!

ALL STAR weekend is one week away and although KICKBACK SUNDAYS Season#3 does not resume until Spring, we thought we would give the city something to keep the peace!

FLAT FITTY, luxury headwear brand, SF2 clothing store and KICKBACK SUNDAYS present a DJ exhibition and cypher with special guest DJ Baby Chino!

There will be 3 DJs spinning in the exhibition, showcasing skills and diversity of style. Our special guest, the worlds youngest DJ aka DJ Baby Chino will be in the house as well. Just a fun time for ALL STAR weekend! There will also be 3 cyphers and a final cypher, we want to see who is best! We will be announcing via twitter the names of the DJs participating in the exhibition! Stay tuned! We are looking for a one more DJ, a wild card slot! Tweet us if you are down!

FLAT FITTY will be showing off their product of fresh and fly headwear, snaps, fitted, 5 panels etc. they have it all! There will be a lot of giveaways so don’t miss out on a dope event, that is FREE (which is unheard of during ALL STAR weekend).

FLAT FITTY eFlyersmall

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