Boilerroom.TV brings Houston together to celebrate June 27th with Big Demo

Boilerroom.TV in association with Pushermania and Scoremore, really put together one of the best vibed exclusive events that we have attended in a long time. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of our KICKBACK SUNDAYS platform! Warehouse Live was truly transformed into a very cool spot! There are too many names to mention here. You can see the video for yourself! This was the who’s who of the city’s Hip Hop rap community from legends like ESG all the way to underground artists! You had to be someone or be invited by someone who is someone!! Afterward, it was on to the Screw Shop! Check it out!!!

This recap was shot by @PeppaBoy. Much respect! Catch the entire feed of footage at or just hit their twitter @boilerroomtv

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